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EM6910 Water coming out from the hot water wand

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  • EM6910 Water coming out from the hot water wand

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a second hand EM6900 and could not get the pressure to brew coffee; coffee turns out without crema. I thought the gauge was faulty but it works fine when I backflushed the machine. I also realized the portafilter locks way off the 90 degree mark, more of 4 o'clock when secure. After reading a lot of threads I suspect it is a worn collar and have it replaced by myself.

    Now the water comes out from the hot-water wand instead of the group head when brewing; water stream out consistently without pulse. Steam and hot-water wand works fine when I turn ON the knobs. If I blocked the hot-water nozzle, water will starts flowing from the group head but without pressure. The water flow returns to the hot-water wand when I unblocked the hot-water nozzle while brewing.

    Anyone might be able to help? Thanks.

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    When you reassembled the hot water tap after replacing the collar you have probably positioned the tap ( or valve) incorrectly. The tap must be open if water flows all the time. Pull the knob off and see if you can close the tap and then replace the knob in the correct position.


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      Thanks alexm1 for the reply. I have checked the valve and it seems alright. The water flows through the hot-water wand when I pressed any of the the brew button; not when I power the unit. When I blocked the hot-water nozzle only then water starts flowing through the group head. If I release the hot-water nozzle, the water will starts flowing through the hot-water wand again.

      When I turn ON the hot-water knob the water would be ejected in pulse.


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        If water is flowing through the hot water wand the valve must be open or the valve is faulty, not closing properly.


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          True. I read that the grouphead and hot-water is inline. I will pickup a replacement valve later today and hopefully will resolve the problem. Thanks for your help!