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Sunbeam em7000 group temperature

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  • Sunbeam em7000 group temperature

    Hi, after doing plenty of research on these forums I' recently upgraded my old $20 from a garage sale sunbeam to and em7000 and bcg820 grinder.

    i've been playing he it for a few weeks now and I'm wondering What kind of temperature should I expect to see from the water from the group head on my em7000? I've done some testing with a foam cup and calibrated thermometer and with is set at the factory 92deg I get 74 and with it set to +4 I get 80 deg. Is this normal or should I be seeing something higher? I would have expected up around 87.
    With a k-type thermocouple against the shower screen I get 82deg with the machine set to +4.
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    If you are interested, I measured my EM7000 with extraction flow and pressure. See my results here: