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Sunbeam EM6910 - 19 week warranty repair

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  • Sunbeam EM6910 - 19 week warranty repair

    Just a warning to anyone considering a Sunbeam. Recently (I use the term ironically) had a pressure issue with a machine barely more than a year old and the repair took them 19 weeks! Almost 4.5 months.

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    That is ridiculous, but what do people think would be reasonable to expect?
    1 week? (That'd be pretty quick, I'd say)

    Also, what holds things up?


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      In my case they were waiting for parts from Sunbeam. They had half a dozen Sunbeam coffee machines all waiting for parts from them. I can only guess that Sunbeam weren't holding parts stocks and had to get them made.

      I would be ok with up to a month (though it would have to be a good excuse), but you would hope for 1 -2 weeks. I'm in Tassie so there's the wait for parts shipping from the mainland. The manufacturer should have parts in stock for repairs.

      4.5 months - I wonder if they had to wait for the ore to be mined?


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        The issue lies primarily with the service agent but also with Sunbeam.
        Sunbeam are at fault for not closely enough monitoring this agent that you have had problems with.

        I would suggest contacting Sunbeam directly and advising them that there is a problem with this service agent.

        Also, not sure what the policy is on this forum, but name and shame the business so other people can avoid it.

        By the way, i am a Sunbeam agent and warranty repairs take priority. In the rare case that a machine cannot be fixed or the parts required are on backorder or are in some other way delayed, Sunbeam will organise an alternative solution.
        Maximum time for a repair turnaround is 1.5 weeks. I'm a one man team so sometimes this is difficult but it's worth it to uphold my own, and Sunbeam's, name.


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          No, the agent reckon it was Sunbeam. We did think it was possible they (the agent) had forgotten our repair and only did it when we finally rang wondering WTF had happened to it. They seemed genuine when explaining the holdup and they did say they had multiple machines held up together - either that was true or they're good BS artists.
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            What part were they waiting on? I can check on Monday with Sunbeam and see if there indeed has been a delay on whatever part it was.

            I've never had a delay that long for any Sunbeam part that I have ordered. As I said in my previous post, if a delay is extensive, the agent contacts Sunbeam and Sunbeam will organise an alternative solution. In some cases, Sunbeam themselves will know that the delay is extensive and organise a solution from their end immediately.

            In my previous workplace, one of the fallbacks for my boss was to just say he was waiting on parts from the supplier. It's a common tactic as the customer cannot verify the truth of it because they can't contact the supplier directly. Always left me with having to deal with it when it finally all came to a head though......


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              Dunno what part, but here's the symptoms (my guess is the main pump, which you'd think a main part to go).

              no pressure when water pumping through. Low flow and no movement on the gauge. No flow when any coffee is put in filter handle
              Customer has tested with variety of grind.


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                The pumps rarely fail in these machines so quickly but it's possible.

                Did they give you a job report or tell you what they did to resolve the problem when you picked your machine up?


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                  No, no description at all.