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Quaha Junior II Espresso Machine

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  • Quaha Junior II Espresso Machine

    Hello All,

    I have recently been given a Quaha Junior II coffee machine. I am a little confused on how it works. The top button obviously turns it on, but I'm not exactly sure what the other three switches do?

    Does anybody have the answer, or an instruction manual?
    I really need the help.


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    Hi and welcome

    Depending and the variant, you will probably have another large button, which would be for brewing, and then a steam switch (raises the boiler temp for steaming) and perhaps a water switch, pumps water to the steam tap.

    They are a simple machine capable of a great brew with the right technique and fresh beans.

    Dont forget to re prime the boiler after steaming so you dont blow the element by leaving the machine on with a low boiler level, potentially running the element dry. Apart from this precaution (common to most (all?) single boiler machines), these machines are quite forgiving and robust.

    If you google lelit, or nemox, you should find relevant information on this site and others, they are similar machines (with some differences). Coffeeco website also had a user guide for a similar machine.

    Post a pic of the machine, it will assist giving advise on the correct machine (you might need a few posts to do so).



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      Here is a photo of the type of machine. I am confused about what the smaller switches on the left, labelled with the I and II. It also has next to II the steam cloud and next to I the wavy lines.

      What do the lights on the switches and above the steam wand knob mean?



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        Welcome mate...

        I used to own a similar machine but the buttons were mounted horizontally...
        Anyway, I found a photo of a similar machine to yours and the nomenclature next to the buttons is still visible, so hope it's helpful...

        Click image for larger version

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          Top switch is main switch.
          Second switch should be steam function - raises boiler temperature so you can steam
          Third switch is waters with for the steam want. Activates pump and you can open the tap to get hot water or use it to reprime boiler after steaming (important)
          Bottom switch is main brew switch. If you open the tap with this on the water will come out of the group and the tap.

          Depending on your machine the seperate light on the body will either be on when the element is on (heating), or off when the element is on (light on indicates "ready"). On my nemox its the former but I have seen a quaha with the latter.

          Hope that helps.