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Rancilio Silvia v2 Leaking clear water behind machine

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  • Rancilio Silvia v2 Leaking clear water behind machine

    Hi all,

    I've noticed that my much-loved Silvia v2 has started leaking clear water onto the bench beneath it. At first I thought it could be the trap being full, it wasn't, then I thought it could be the OPV missing the tray, it isn't, and then I thought it was the overflow tube missing the main water reservoir, which isn't. I have checked the reservoir for cracks and it's tight and dry all over, and after inspecting the machine all over found that the water is only coming out along the power cord, which can't be good... The boiler doesn't seem to be leaking either.

    The leak seems pretty consistent, as in not only when the boiler is boiling or the pump is in use. Also, I'm not sure if its related but for a little while it has been favouring one side of the basket when pulling shots, but i managed to get around this by re-leveling the machine and tamping with a bias to the other side.

    Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before, and what it might be. I'd prefer to fix it myself if possible.

    Everything else is working great.

    Thanks for any ideas, and I apologise if I have the part names wrong.

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    Hi Paul
    Have you taken the back off the machine and inspected the pump connections?
    Sounds like one of the hoses or connections down there may need replacing?


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      Thanks Greg, I've removed the back covers and yes, it looks like the connection that goes from the pump to the boiler. The only problem is that is seems to be after the bolt that connects the braided hose to the pump. It looks like the little plastic tube that goes into the pump proper. Any ideas on how to fix/replace? I'm in Sydney, Jetblack don't seem to have the part.

      I've attached images but here are the links in case they don't work.

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      imgbox - fast, simple image host
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        Yep you'll need to disconnect the pump. Make sure you have your machine off... Unscrew the bolt you are referring to (top left of both your photos). Then simply pull off the inlet pipe on the other side of the pump. This one should come off with a reasonable yank. Once you have the pump out (which still has the right angled brass piece screwed into it) try unscrewing this right angled piece by hand. If it doesn't come out by hand there is a flat section so you can use an appropriate tool.
        Sounds like you just need to replace the teflon tape in this thread. Give that a go and let me know if you are still stuck.


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          Sorry should mention to remove pump you will need to disconnect the wires attached to this. Just make sure you either mark them or whatever so you know which way to put them back in. ��


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            Great, that worked a treat. Thanks for all your help!