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Which midrange machine should I choose?

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  • Which midrange machine should I choose?

    Hi all coffee lovers

    I'm on a quest of purchasing my first secondhand coffee machine. Right now I'm considering these two ones:

    Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso Coffee Machine Excellent Condition

    Sunbeam PU6910 EM6910 EM0440 Café Series® Espresso Machine Grinder

    eBay links removed per Site Posting Policy

    Are any of these a good choice? Why/why not? I'm looking for non pressurized group and double boiler. Basically need it to make great coffee and become better at brewing coffee manually.

    Thanks so much guys

    Best regards, Mette

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    Where abouts are you located mate? Have a look at the classified ads on here Coffee Hardware For Sale


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      Both are generally low end style machines in comparison to what most that are used on this site. I would suggest buying a second hand traditional espresso machine and grinder from a European manufacturer. They will generally be of higher quality, last longer and have great steam snd brew pressure.


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        Thanks - any in particular you can recommend? I'm looking for something I can buy secondhand for max 700 dollars


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          I live in Melbourne. I've been looking at a lot of it and seems interesting. Thanks


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            Make sure you include a grinder in the equation. The better the machine , the more of its potential is unfulfilled using pre -ground.