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Time for a new machine - Goodbye EM6910

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  • Time for a new machine - Goodbye EM6910

    Hi Snobs

    yeap, old faithful is about to be replaced.

    After talking about it for over a year, we are now ready to move on.

    This is being said, our EM is still purring.

    Question is, and there are plenty of threads abounding, what do we replace her with.

    The budget is up to the $1,400 mark.

    Only requirement is is the new machine does not have an inbuilt grinder. Mine is working just fine thank you.

    Whilst researching, I keep going back to the EM7000 or the EM7100; however, I'm not so sure this is an 'upgrade' or just fan love, much like Apple products.

    On the plus side for coffee snobs, once the replacement is in house, an em6910 will be available to whomever wants it.

    Cheers guys


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    G'day SP...

    Within that budget range, pretty hard to go past several of the models in the Lelit range.
    You could also give thought to buying a top condition used HX machine, and maybe even a Dual Boiler from within the CS 4-Sale section. One way to dip your toes into the Prosumer machine market...



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      yep as above, you should be able to get a great used machine from here for that budget.



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        Personally i don't think getting another sunbeam would be a real upgrade. If you're willing to drop that kind of money definitely go for a quality european made machine which will last you far longer and will produce much better espresso. It will be a good investment! :-) I speak as someone who upgraded from an em6910 to a Bezzera BZ02 and now a Diadema Junior Semi Auto. The difference between the sunbeam and the italians is day and night.

        following on from what Mal suggested, jetblack espresso has a lelit dual boiler ex-demo for that fits under your budget. Ex Demo Lelit Dual Boiler - PL60
        (a search on the forums will give you some info on the machine - I don't know too much about it tbh)

        And agreeing with both mal and artman, if you keep your eye out on the 4 sale section you'll be able to pick up a very good machine that falls within your budget.


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          My recommendation for you is this one :

          ECM Casa Profi
          RRP - $1450, * **** -$1300

          0.4L Cu boiler, 2.8L tank
          Pump - Vibration
          23.5kg, 21w x 44h x 35d

          Read up and you'll find some great reviews



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            I went from 6900 had it 3 years. To em7000 kept that for 2 months and sold it.. I felt like 6900 was better lol.