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Elektra Nivola - Steamy Issues in Neverland...

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  • Elektra Nivola - Steamy Issues in Neverland...

    Hello, "Snobs" --

    I'm trying to resurrect my cantankerous Nivola from it's position as simply countertop art, and it's giving me some issues. I have plenty of steam, but it's all coming from the group head! When I turn the knob to the froth position, it happily produces billowy clouds of steam, but NOTHING from the wand.

    Any suggestions? Could it be the copper tube is plugged that goes from the boiler to the steam wand? Could it be the solenoid valve (looks like major surgery to replace)?


    (Also, how do I remove the colorful lens to replace the bulb for the green light? Do I just pry it out, or are there some fiendish screws holding it in somewhere?)

    Thanks so much! (Tired of Keurig!)


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    Hi Tink
    Steam from the group head could be due to a stuck mushroom valve or foreign matter caught under it.
    From the parts diagram which I found it appears fairly easy to remove -
    The diagrams may also assist with how to remove the lens.
    Hope this helps
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      Oh, gosh! You're like some kind of "espresso whisperer"! After some minor horsing around with a socket set, I pulled off the rain screen from under the group head. I fished out the little spring, and the mushroom valve fell out into the tray! It was TORN!!! (How did you know this?!?!?) Anyway, I ordered up a new one, and a new spring for good measure, and hopefully there will be espresso joy!

      Thanks SO much!!!


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        Aww,gee! now I'm all embarrassed , but thanks anyway for the kind comments. I'm just glad you're on track to getting it going again.
        It's certainly an unusual looking machine - almost like something out of Dr. Who!



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          hahaha nice, what a great fix.. I was gonna suggest replacing a any/all seals in the group (or more!) while you're at it. Especially if you're 'resurrecting' the machine, ie, rubber parts might not be as elastic and sealing as they once were? When ever my Pavoni leaks steam from any joints doing the rubber seals closest to the area fixes the problem. p.s. I love the Elektra machines