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Sunbeam 6910 - portafilter won't stay when pouring shot

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  • Sunbeam 6910 - portafilter won't stay when pouring shot

    Hey all,
    long time creeper first time poster (just registered).
    ive looked through countless threads and can't find anything directly linked so I thought I would ask myself.
    I have a ~7 yr old machine that is a trooper but probably the last year or so I have to hold the handle when pouring or it will untwist.
    im thinking that maybe the group is worn?
    When locked in the PF sits at about 4oclock.

    has anyone else overcome this issue?

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    Yup - had exactly the same issue. Really should lock in at 6 o'clock. Replaced the group head seal, which helped enough. The root cause, though, was the collar was worn - common problem with the 6910. The new seal worked for a while, but I ended up upgrading instead of really fixing it....


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      Hi Aido

      You may need a shim under the seal - have a look at this...



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        Hey Trev,
        yeh I read that one earlier.

        so the shim goes in and then the seal? Forgive my (most likely) stupid question.
        replaced the deal not long ago so it's most likely just the group is worn I guess



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          The shim above the seal is to make up for wear on the collar and brings the handle locking position back towards the optimal 6 o'clock position.
          If you search the forum for 'EM6910 shim' you will find lots of posts on it -

          Here's another -

          Collar wear can be reduced significantly by not over-tightening the group handle - you should not have to hold the machine down when tightening it.



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            Tried one piece, it's marginally better(say 5 o'clock). Haven't poured a shot yet.
            will try a second piece but I'm struggling to get the seal out now and don't want to pierce/damage the rubber as I don't have a spare........
            Obviously worn more than some of the other machines out there!!!
            thanks for all the help peeps.



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              I think the shim has helped but the real culprit is my PF and the tabs being worn so bad that they are beveled and there is no flat section at all to hold it in place.


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                Hi aido , yeah that and if your up dosing or running high pressure that will certainly make it worse