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What do you think about the little guy?

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  • What do you think about the little guy?

    Help! I dont know about coffee but willing to start and learn. I want to give my partner a machine but he wants it with the grinder. I have seen the express barista Breville and The little guy. I dont mind buying a separate grinder. I am leaning towards the little guy as it got better reviews. Any suggestions? What do you think about the little guy?

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    I'm alright, I suppose.

    welcome to CS. Someone sensible will help you in just a moment.


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      Welcome See if you can stretch your budget to a small single boiler machine like a Gaggia or Lelit. Skip the thermoblock machine if you can.


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        The little guy is a stovetop espresso maker pauly


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          Got it. I thought odavid was calling the small Breville "the little guy".

          I found a pic:


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            This looks ok but my first thought is that the water tempt is going to be very high. Burnt coffee is my guess.

            For budget coffee you can use the pourover. I have an $11k espresso setup and use the CHEAP pourover half the time. It makes a an amazing long black. See a simple Hario decanter below.


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              Seriously now. I know nothing about the little guy, except that they look great.

              Surely someone here can comment on them??
              what I do know is, if your budget is tight, that you can put a lido hand grinder with it and it (the grinder) would do a great job (sub $300 still?) As good as an electric one of twice the price.
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                Originally posted by shortblackman View Post
                Surely someone here can comment on them??
                I can, and unless you have first hand experience of one, you can't.

                This was originally released as the Otto and then renamed. The US patent for it came through about a week ago and it was invented by Craig Thiron.

                They do need a little care, but they produce great espresso and have adequate steam for breakfast coffee....

                It's light years ahead of an Atomic in terms of what it puts in the cup...

                I rarely use mine (too many options), but it makes for a great weekend away traveller or everyday option for a 1-2 person household with time to create very, very good coffee. It would be a perfect match with a Lido grinder.


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                  Hi Odavid

                  If you do a search of 'OTTO' you'll find plenty of threads about snob's experience with what is now called 'The Little Guy'. Craig was briefly a sponsor of the site and I recall a thread in which he explained the difference between an Atomic and OTTO.

                  I bought one from Craig during the Snobs fundraiser a few years ago - a beautifully crafted thing, which was quite nice to use, but ultimately wasn't quick enough for me in the morning to get my fix.




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                    Hi oDavid,
                    I have one which I purchased when they first came out about 5 years ago.
                    I love it.
                    It makes brilliant coffee and is truly a thing of beauty. It certainly attracts a lot of positive comment when in use

                    I think purchasing one depends on how many coffee's you will make a day. If you are just going to have one each they are great, they are either stove top or you can buy an induction top with it which works very well

                    From start to finish it is about 15 -20 mins to make 2 milky coffee's (with the induction top), however if you buy a powered machine they will take this time just to warm up
                    To make a 2nd cup each you need to cool it down by plunging in cold water or wait 20 mins and this is where a powered machine will be quicker

                    We use ours every time we travel and put it in our checked in luggage, however they weight about 6kg so less shoes!

                    Craig Hiron the owner is a great bloke and a wealth of information. His website has really good instructive video's on it. If you are keen email him directly from "The Little Guy" website, but I have no regrets buying mine

                    Good luck
                    Dr Dave
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                      Thanks for all the replies everyone! I have decided on getting the little guy or Otto as an everyday use. Ill have to get a good grinder for that too anyone who is willing to sell their Otto or grinders please dont hesitate to let me know


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                        What do you think about the little guy?

                        As this thread is probably the closest thing we've got to an Otto Espresso or The Little Guy owners thread I thought I'd post this here. If any of you Otto/Little Guy owners have watched the videos that Craig and his team have on their website and YouTube channel you may have seen the 'tips' video that recommends a Pelican 1300 case for transporting these units. I'd been planning on getting one at some stage, but they're a bit pricey so I was was just waiting and keeping my eye out for used ones or budget alternatives in the meantime.

                        I got sick of waiting recently so went hunting for budget alternatives as I knew they were out there. I'd seen some stuff online, but nothing the right size, and they weren't really much cheaper either. So I went to Bunnings yesterday as I knew they had something and found a couple of cases from a couple of different brands. Prices were better, but sizes were still wrong. It did however prompt me to start using the correct terminology in Google which is 'safe case' apparently. A quick Google search turned up the Tool Pro range at Supercheap Auto. And voila!!! Sizes are very similar to Pelican so I've been able to buy the 'small' which works well for what I need it for. Quality is surprisingly good, especially when I only paid...........NZ$21!!!! This was the sale price, but full price is still only $26. Full foam packing is included and everything. Amazing value really and I thought it was worth sharing for any Otto/TLG owners in Australia or NZ.

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                          Site Sponsor Alternate Brewing currently has "The Little Guy" on special at $399 delivered in case anyone's interested. This to match David Jones current special I suppose?

                          Shame we don't see these Site Sponsor specials mentioned on here occasionally?


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                            Yeah I saw that too. That’s an absolute steal at that price.


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                              Originally posted by CafeLotta View Post
                              Shame we don't see these Site Sponsor specials mentioned on here occasionally?
                              They do. I read Cafe Lotta's specials weekly, always seem to have the latest info. As I mentioned before, you do a great job at this.