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EM6910 Beyond Seal?

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  • EM6910 Beyond Seal?

    Hi all, I use two EM6910s of similar age, neither of which gets the proper cleaning regime

    - home: Moderate use, reverse-osmosis water, has been slightly leaking over the group handle for a while
    - work: Frequent use by various people, filtered but not decalcified water, 2 weeks ago started leaking grounds making it unusable

    I purchased a 2-pack of group head seals. Both machines weren't pretty after removing the shower screens, so I turned them upside down and let espresso cleaner solution sit in the area, then rubbed/scraped the deposits as best I could. The new seal has completely fixed the home machine but made little difference to the work one, which actually looks corroded rather than just full of coffee oil deposits.

    The pictures are attached (home is after soaking, work is after scraping but before soaking so isn't quite as bad now as the picture).

    My question is, is the work machine too far gone to ever form a good seal? If so, I believe the part that seals is the vertical wall at the green line (or perhaps the inner horizontal lip there), is this right? Can this plate be replaced, or is it part of the group head? Does it have a name?

    Thanks for any info.
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    from the photo, the work machine appears to have a well worn collar judging by the amount of 'lipping'. Is the group handle still locking in at 90 degrees or does it turn much further? The coffee stains on one side of the seal seat seem to indicate leakage under the seal in this area.Rather than replacing the group collar, which could be rather expensive, you could try fitting a shim or two between the new seal and it's seat as per several previous posts in this section.
    You may also need to remove some of the burred lip if you are finding difficulty in fitting the group handle up into place.

    PS Is the shower screen retaining screw sheared off in the second photo?


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      Thanks, yes this was my next plan, to put a shim in as it does lock around 4/5 o'clock.

      Good catch on the sheared screw. It was shorter than the one on my home machine which I thought odd, now you point it out it must have sheared during removal (definitely took some turning). Can still get it in but requires a lot of pressure to get it to start - I'm concerned that adding a shim will make it impossible. Ah well, might be time to cut my losses.


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        You need to purchase a couple packets of descaling tablets (part# EM0010) (or liquid descaling solution (KE0100)) and also a couple of packets of cleaning tablets (EM0020) and do a thorough clean and descale of both machines. The work one needs it most.

        Details of the both processes are in the user manual (UM). If you have parted ways with the UM, I believe you can download a PDF UM from the SB (Sunbeam) website.

        How are the de-calc filters in the water tanks?

        Hope that helps.


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          Ah well, might be time to cut my losses.
          If you can get a couple more years out of it it's probably worth trying to fix it - just think about the time you will spend trying to re-train everyone to use a new machine.
          As far as the stripped screw is concerned, you should be able to get a new brass hex nut and screw fairly cheaply.
          And a good clean-up as suggested by HomeBrew should get it back in good condition, although you may need to try a steam thermoblock descale as well using one of the various methods suggested in some of the earlier posts in this section.

          These machines may not produce the world's best coffee but they are fairly straightforward to use and quick to heat up and, with a bit of regular maintennance, are reasonably bullet proof.
          I have 3 of them (5 if you include the one on loan and the letterbox!) and my wife, who usually makes the coffee, loves them. Admittedly, I have occasionally had a twinge of 'upgrade-itis' but, when I stop to think about it, decide that I can not be bothered waiting 30 mins or more for a machine to heat up just to get a slightly better coffee. Admittedly, 40+ years of surfing has tended to trash my sense of smell (and taste) so I would probably not notice much difference - as long as I still enjoy my coffee! Plus I love fixing things so it's a win-win



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            Hello - I know this is an old thread, but I can see you asked if the group handle turns much further than 90 degrees, which mine does. Are you able to let me know what this is a sign of? Should I take my machine to a repairer? Thank you.


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              Originally posted by Meljmac View Post
              Hello - I know this is an old thread, but I can see you asked if the group handle turns much further than 90 degrees, which mine does. Are you able to let me know what this is a sign of? Should I take my machine to a repairer? Thank you.
              Most likely the group head and or portafilter tabs are worn. Have a look at the portafilter tabs and see if the underside of the tabs are tapered and worn.
              You can throw in a shim that fits in between the group seal and the group itself that will push the seal down a little and hopefully tighten up the position of the portafilter: I had to use two.
              Lucky they are only a dollar each from coffee parts who are a site sponsor.
              Small outlay for potentially longer time before you need to either replace the group...expensive...or upgrade.

              Good luck!!!