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Rancilio Silvia how fine to grind?

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  • Rancilio Silvia how fine to grind?

    Hi - I have just bought a Rancilio Silvia V4 and a Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I'm wondering just how fine the grind should be for the Silvia as I read it takes much finer than most? Help please

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    Hi and welcome WestOzBean.

    Congrats on the new purchase, I'm sure you will enjoy it - may take a little persistence for a start but good coffee is certainly attainable with your machine and grinder.
    As far as grind setting goes it is impossible to give you a number that is the perfect grind setting, there are just too many variables such as bean, bean freshness, your dosing and distribution technique, humidity and the likelihood that grind setting 10 on your Smart Grinder will not be the same as grind setting 10 on another Smart Grinder.
    Here is a link to Talk Coffee (site sponsor) page which you may find helpful in relation to making coffee. I apologise if you already know everything in the guide.
    In home training manual | Talk Coffee

    Without trying to cost you money or sound like an advertisement, one of the things that made the greatest difference to the coffee quality on my Silvia was replacing the factory baskets with 14-18gram EP baskets from Talk Coffee. These and a decent metal tamper make a huge difference and repeatability is made a lot easier also. If you can spare the money I highly recommend them.
    Precision filter basket 58mm- Espresso parts | Talk Coffee

    I hope this helps,


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      Great Andy thanks so much this is really helpful. I've ordered those components too, as I thought my tamper was at least unsuitable. It is an aftermarket one but doesn't fit snug (about 1-2mm gap to the edge of the basket?)

      Thanks again I have a bit to learn but it's good fun along the way and the beauty in making coffee


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        You're very welcome.
        You will certainly notice an improvement, good luck with the experimentation, it is a whole lot of fun!


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          Hi Andy

          So I've managed to get about a 40-50ml shot in around 28-35 seconds. My dose is around 14-15g and I'm grinding at about 6. I seem to have a tamp lighter than I'd expect as it delays the pour way too much if I tamp harder.

          I note the taste is still a little sour, but better than it was. The colour is very dark and the crema is only slight. So it's quite flat.

          I'm hoping to improve the flavour and crema but not sure on whether it's my dose or my grind. Might have to use a process of elimination haha


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            Hi Andy, keep playing. Try to keep a constant tamp pressure. I aim for 54mls (2 cups) in 27 seconds. If I brew less say 40mls then I would aim for a time of less that 27 seconds. What this is doing is to sort of getting the grind right. Then you can vary the grind a bit either way for taste. Takes a while before it becomes second nature.

            It may take some time before the grinder burrs are 'run in'. People often don't know this an it leads to a lot of frustration. What happens is the grind particles are not a consistent size. One run in all is well.


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              Hello WestOzBean,
              Great advice above from Dumiya. Good observation noticing the pour difference with different tamp pressures. It really is the more shots the better, the best way to get consistent in grind, dose and tamp is practice.
              Pleased to hear that you are noticing improvements and don't be afraid to stray from strict textbook measurements if you enjoy the flavour of a shot that is "wrong".


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                Hi. I echo the sentiment of the basket and tamper. I've also found, since getting my groove right re: temp surfing on the silvia, it produces some great shots.