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  • Nuova Simonelli Oscar II

    Hello everyone. First post here so I thought I would start with a gushing review of an espresso machine I've never used that I just purchased from a non-site sponsor.

    Only joking!

    I'm in the market for a new espresso machine. Currently I am making my coffee with a Brikka and Bellman stove-top steamer. Makes great coffee but not quite espresso. Anyway, as I am really getting into my coffee I thought it was about time to upgrade (which wouldn't be difficult considering the equipment I currently use).

    I've got a grinder, so don't need one. I initially was looking at the Rancilio Silvia but as I predominantly drink milk base coffee and the Silvia only has a single boiler, and cannot brew and steam concurrently I ruled that one out. Then I started looking at double boiler machines. The Lelit P60T V2 caught my eye, which looks like a geat machine but at $2K, unless it was going to make a return on the investment it is not financially viable. I love coffee but don't think any cup of coffee is worth $2K. Then through my research I came across HX machines annd the Nuova Simonelli Oscar, only to discover that the Oscar has now been superseded by the Oscar 2.

    Now the Oscar 2 seems to tick all the right boxes, so it looks like that is the one I will probably go for. Has anybody on the site got any experience/used this machine and if so, thoughts?

    I actually nearly bought this machine direct from Nuova Simonelli in Sydney who are selling it for $1190. That said they're charging $250 for delivery to Melbourne - I could get two shipped from England for that price. Needless to say at $250 shipping (that's taking the p15s!) I didn't buy so I've been trying to find one in Melbourne. I can find a lot of Oscars but no Oscar 2s (why would anybody buy an Oscar now the Oscar 2 is out?). Does anybody know whether any of the site sponsors are stocking this machine in Melbourne?

    Any advice or suggestions for other machines in a similar price bracket would be appreciated.
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    Try Coffee A-Roma (site sponsor). Check their website. I believe they are selling Simonelli.


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      Yeah, already checked Coffee A-Roma. They're only selling the original Oscar and not the Oscar II. They also have the Musica. Pity actually because Camberwell is not too far from me.


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        At the top of the forum somewhere is a quote form that will send an email to all site sponsors. I'm on tapatalk at the moment so can't see it But it's there.


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          I didn't know about that. I'll give it a go. Cheers.


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            Originally posted by JumpingBeanz View Post
            I didn't know about that. I'll give it a go. Cheers.
            Hey mate, how did you go with this search? I've always thought the Oscar and now the Oscar II were vastly underrated machines (I guess because many CSers don't drink milk-based coffee, so the benefits of these machines are not needed by many. Oh and of course, the first Oscar wasn't much of a looker, either), and I'm seriously considering grabbing one for Christmas, but as always, I flit back and forth between it and any number of lever or dual boiler machines in the approximate price bracket (that is if I don't succumb and just buy one of the BES920s this weekend).


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              Yeah, I ended up buying an Oscar II from Electro's in Italy, with a couple of mods, before it was released in Australia. Had it a few months now and I have to say it is a great purchase - brilliant machine. Dead easy to use and the quality of espresso produced is great, with a thick crema. The 4-hole steam wand is also brilliant with lots of power. Since buying this my milk steaming has improved massively and I can now do latte art to some degree - latte art is not something I specifically practice but I do like the presentation.

              Well worth the money and I would definitely purchase one again, without hesitation. Personally, after using this machine I wouldn't go for an 'appliance' likke the Breville. The Oscar II is currently the most used thing in my kitchen.


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                Nice, thanks for the update. I (easily) talked myself out of the BES920 deal in the end. I've been down that road before with a Sunbeam 6900 that bit the dust early (and was backed up by the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Sunbeam products will never find a space in any kitchen I'm responsible for the rest of my life) and I currently have a Breville that I picked up during a Target fire sale, so I figured the 920 wasn't enough different to warrant it, as good as it is.

                The Oscar for sale in the forums has me seriously interested though.