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  • Bes920/smart grinder pro


    I am trying to setup the smart grinder pro with the bes920,

    got fresh beans and told to grind them as fine as possible.

    currently have the burr on 3 and dial on 16, getting good shots but tastes a bit to coarse and if I go finer on the dial it chokes.

    Seems like the finer I go on the burr, the coarser I need to go on the dial which will be to coarse.

    what is the best thing to do ? Do I return the burr to default 6 and then try get the dial as fine as possible ?

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    It doesn't really matter. The burr adjustment will just move your ideal setting on the screen scale. If your grind is fine enough to choke your machine towards the fine end then it's ok.

    Keep tamp pressure constant. Grind, distribute, tamp, trim with the razor and adjust grind only to give the pour you want. Don't over complicate it.

    The razor is good in giving you the required dose for the machine. With practice you can adjust the grind time so after you tamp your dose will be spot on without having to use the razor.