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EM6910 Group handle overextending

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  • EM6910 Group handle overextending

    Hi everyone,

    We removed the showerhead and seal to clean it, and since replacing the items (including with a new seal), the group handle feels loose when I try to fit it in place, and overextends. Once it actually got jammed in the machine to the point where it started grating away at the metal group head when I tried to remove it.

    As a result, it's not pouring correctly, and dripping out the left side of the group head.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks

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    dumb question but did you get the right seal. Sounds like its thinner. maybe measure thickness?


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      Not a dumb question at all! Initially I used the old seal and when I was having issues I replaced it with a new one in the hope it might fix the problem, which it didn't. And the two are identical.


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        **UPDATE** So after trawling through threads on this site it appears I have a worn group collar. I've read this can be fixed by using a shim (or spacer) under the seal. So I tried it. FAIL. I've realised my group handle isn't connecting properly because part of the collar's metal is bent out of shape from when it got stuck in it. It looks like I need to replace the collar. Devastated. Would appreciate estimates on having the replaced and recommendations in Melbourne.


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          How did you try and shim it? I've used cardboard to make a shims. Works fine with a worn/bent collar. I guess it also depends on how worn it is.


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            I made a cardboard cutout using the seal as a template. The problem is that now I can't get the handle in properly - one of the metal 'tabs' isn't fitting in so the whole thing is at a big angle.


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              If the portafilter still goes in without the shim that logic says it's related to the shim, assuming you have installed the seal and shower screen in correctly.

              I know I've made cardboard shims and if not exactly right the cardboard scrunches up or doubles over at the edge. Depending on it's thickness it can skew the PF when you insert it.


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                Hi Meljmac
                It is possible that the collar has distorted into a lip which is fouling the sides of the group handle when you attempt to fit it. If you carefully run your finger around the inside of the collar you can often feel the lipping as a sharp edge(s). The group handle should easily 'drop' into place in the collar when the lugs are aligned with the slots in the collar. You could try carefully filing or sanding the lips back a little to see if it makes a difference. Once you are able to fit the handle easily you can then experiment with shims under the seal until the handle stops at 90 degrees. If you still can't get a decent seal without leaking it could be that the two bearing surfaces in the collar have worn un-evenly. Extra shimming on the worn side may help but the collar will most likely have to be replaced if this does not work.
                Hope this helps.