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em6910 water pump replacement

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  • em6910 water pump replacement

    Hi folks does anyone know whether replacing the main water pump is an easy enough job for the home repairer or is it necessary to go to service agent? If yes any thoughts on where to get one from for a good price, my machine is surging a bit and am thinking that may be the issue.I am pretty good with a screw driver.

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    It's not too bad, bit fiddly as it's surrounded by a few components and wiring but if you take your time it's easy enough.
    You can get away with replacing it by just removing the rear plastic case and right hand side cover (RHS as viewed from the back).

    It is a 240V component so the machine needs to be off and unplugged before undertaking work.

    I've attached a photo of what the area of the machine looks like that you will need to access. Removing the upper compression fitting from the pump may be tricky without removing the top but it can be done.
    Also remember, do not tighten the nut too tight on the compression fitting upon reassembly as the lower brass fitting can crack and then leak water.

    Send me a message if you want a pump.

    Click image for larger version

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      thanks for the response, it has quietened down a bit so it may not be necessary. But good to know what is involved. Is there a guide somewhere here online on how to do this job? Or basically just pull the pump out [if needed] and watch what you do and do it carefully? What are pumps worth, are they new or rebuildable? Thanks again