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Cost of repairing a Silvia V1?

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  • Cost of repairing a Silvia V1?

    Well I have found a V1 Silvia for sale and scored it for $90 (still need to pick up) the only problem they are saying is the steam arm leaks. And the typical rust spot
    Is it an easy fix for should I steer clear of it. I have heard these are super easy. To work on it will just be the cost of parts that would add up.

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    Without seeing it, it could be as easy as a new valve or even new o rings. Did they say where the leak was coming from.

    Generally Silvia parts are cheap but depends on which ones (or how many)


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      Hi mate. Assume this was he bargain up the coast? Good buy that.
      If it is, the description says that they never used the steam wand but now when they tried it, it leaks. This will almost surely be the o rings on the wand itself. Literally a 5 dollar part and a 5 minute job.

      Picked yourself up a great buy there. Hope you enjoy it.


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        Was so close to being the first to respond to the add (first viewer) just so I could have a spare machine at my parents for a long black but I figured someone else might actually make better frequent use of the bargain. Glad it was someone on CS. Looks easy to get up and going again for milk as others have said. Enjoy!


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          Sorry thought I put this in my starting out thread
          sorry for creating a new thread
          Yep that was me was lucky it had only been up for 2 hrs
          the only problem was I was driving well passenger at the time in the opposite direction (to sydney) but she is willing to hold it for me till I get back, which is nice.
          The plan is just take it apart get rid of the rust, descale whole unit, maybe insulate boiler, give it a good scrub, fix/upgrade anything else that needs doing and find a good grinder to go with it. I will evenly get a PID to put in it but that won't be for a while as best to learn on a basic unit and get my skills that way first.
          anything else you guys can think of??


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            Originally posted by Mrlizard View Post
            Sorry thought I put this in my starting out thread
            sorry for creating a new thread
            You did put it in your starting out thread. I moved it here as it now deals with a specific machine and you were much more likely to get a response to your question with it posted in this forum and with the question in the title.

            Java "Moving along" phile
            Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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              Nice price for $90 !


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                Well picked it up and it was from a snob (jobs can't remember his username).
                very very helpful guy only selling as he has upgraded to a big silver manual machine.
                Pulled me a shot so I knew everything was working. I am very happy with my purchase now just need to get a grinder and the steep learning curve will start.

                just need to buy a few little parts for the silvia. Are there any sponsors that sell parts ?


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                  Yep try coffeeparts, jetblack or do Bartoli for parts. Silvia parts are easy to come by and relatively cheap. Congrats


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                    good work!

                    I dont think your learning curve will be steep. There a heaps of great guides to help with pulling a good shot. Get a decent grinder (and decent fresh beans) and you will be drinking ripper brews in no time!



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                      Hi, saw this thread and thought Id chime in. I did a very similar thing at the start of the year, picked up a v1 and Rocky for 150 off Gumtree. Never owned a machine before so bought as a project. The machine was in terrible condition, the boiler worked but I dont think it have ever been cleaned and the frame was completely rusted out. I completely stripped it, replaced the frame, boiler gasket, group seal and shower screen, hand polished all of the panels and it came up really well. Site sponsors helped me source parts there is a wealth of info on the net for fixing these machines too.

                      I should post up a picture of what the boiler looked like inside.....I cannot imagine the previous owner was drinking coffees out of the machine.


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                        I am still waiting to get paid so I can get my brand new m2m grinder. As no good grinders have come up since getting the machine.
                        I have replaced the steam arm (and knob) with a v5 model
                        Have scrubbed it descaled (with commercial descaler) back flushed a heap of times so when I do use it for the first time I know it will be in the best possible condition.
                        Yes everyone here is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help out.