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La Pavoni Europiccola lever really hard to pull when machine is cold/warming up

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  • La Pavoni Europiccola lever really hard to pull when machine is cold/warming up

    Hi All,

    As the title suggests, when my machine is cold/warming up each morning the lever is really hard to pull up/down, almost feels like friction on the seals. As soon as it's up to temp it becomes smooth and free flowing.

    When I bought the machine newish I never experienced this issue, only started happening after recently installing a orphan espresson seal kit.

    Is this normal or something wrong?



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    These may seem like very basic questions, but I have to ask .......

    1. Are you sure you installed the new seals facing in the right direction ?.

    2. Did you use any lube on the seals when you installed them ??.

    3. Is it very cold at present where you live ?.

    New seals can be quite stiff, and some guides recommend warming them in hot water before trying to fit them onto the piston, so it could be just that they are stiff when cold, and need to be warmed up to make them more flexible.

    I recently needed to clean and re-lube the seals on my Pavoni because it was getting quite stiff on the up-stoke. I don't recall noticing much differece when the machine was hot or cold, but it was a lot better after the service.


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      Hi Deegee, thanks for the reply.

      To answer your questions,
      1. The seals are facing the right direction
      2. I used food grade lubricant but not an exessive amount
      3. Live in South Australia which is pretty cold at the moment.

      As soon as e machine is fully warmed up, it seems as though the first pull upwards is quite stiff but once hot water reaches the seals and the lever is pulled back down everyone feels normal again and becomes really smooth to operate.

      Provided that I'm not causing any damage, I won't bother Pulling it apart again given the results are stilll great and pulling great shots.




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        Hi Rob, I suspect that it is just a combination of the new seals, cold weather, and perhaps you were a bit stingy with the lube. I think that's why I needed to re-do mine. My seals were replaced about a year ago, and were noticeably tighter than the old ones, and seemed to get even tighter when the winter arrived a couple of months back. When I re-lubed them this time, I was a bit more generous with the lube, but I ran a couple of tanks of hot water through it to flush away any excess before I made any coffee with it. It is now better, but still tighter than it was with the old seals.


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          thanks, I have the exact same issue. Hasn't really bothered me. I can definitely say though that I probably was too stingy with the lubricant when I put the new seals in last service. I distinctly remember thinking: Hmmmmm how much lube should I put in, surely it won't need much...

          HA!! I imagine that with not enough lube it might wear the seals faster, so now that I think about it, I might have to make time to relube