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Sunbeam EM7000 two cup option extraction choking up

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  • Sunbeam EM7000 two cup option extraction choking up

    Hi All,

    I have a brand new Sunbeam EM7000 and I've paired it up with a Breville Smart Grinder Pro. Pretty darn happy with this setup I have to say.

    So far I've dialled it in with the one cup option and I'm getting really good consistent results with flavour and all those other variables that count (extraction time, steady pressure in the orange band, shot size etc). On the grinder I'm using the default grind time for a single shot set at a grind size 10.

    But come to the two cup selection, I'm having problems.

    The only difference with my one and two cup situation is that I use the double filter basket, and select 2 shots on the Breville grinder. Everything else is exactly the same.
    The result is pretty close to a choked extraction, with the pressure indicating comfortably in the red band. I tried only varying the tamp from barely compressing the grind to my standard pressure, and the result is the same.

    The only way I got a reasonable change close to an acceptable result was if I changed the grind size to 15, i.e. a courser grind. which changes the flavour etc.

    Is this normal? or am I doing something incorrect as far as technique or something else?

    Any recommendations/info will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance folks.

    ps. This is my first post in this great forum, so forgive me if I don't quite get my ducks in a row with replies etc.

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    Welcome emptycup [emoji3]
    You will find you need a different grind for a double basket. To be honest - I've never used the single basket that came with my machine!
    So perhaps perfecting your technique on the double then splitting your shot between two cups, or pulling your shot early will be easiest. But certainly learning what grind adjustment is necessary too is possible.
    All the best!


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      I'm assuming you are NOT using the double wall basket by mistake?


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        G'day Freddo, I was using the double basket that came with the machine. I assume that's not a double wall? I'll have to do some homework and see what the double wall deal is!
        Yeah I think I'll try that idea of yours out by the way Designbycoffee!


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          My EM7000 did not come with any double wall baskets, just the single size and the double size. I found that the single basket works best with 14 grams of ground coffee and the double 20 grams. I was taught in my barista course to only use the double for consistent results and that is all I use.

          Hope this helps


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            I've never used my single baskets also but by the sounds of it you are doing ok, keep everything constant and just adjust the grind.


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              Thanks for the info toorakwa!