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  • La Pavoni Romantica

    I got my hands on a La Pavoni Romantica at the end of last week (Thanks Casa Espresso). I first became interested in one when I was working in a cafe in Canada a few years ago where they had a lever action machine.

    An awesome upgrade from my Breville 800 series, though it has taken me the past week (and nearly a kg of beans) to pull consistently drinkable shots from it.

    I'm definitely agreeing with everyone and saying that a proper tamper is a must with this machine, the plastic one was just tamping unevenly and constantly pulling under extracted shots.

    The steam wand (mostly tip) is something that I'm still getting used to, it gives good foam, though you have to be very cautious of the timings as it will quickly burn the milk/not give you enough time to mix through. The machine needs a good 15 minutes to heat up properly, 10 if you pull some water through the head a few times.

    I'm still learning the ins and outs of it, but at least I'm enjoying it. I've paired it with a Rocky grinder and some beans from both the Coffee Barun and Coffee Amigo here in Adelaide.

    My current "recipe" is 14-15g of beans, the Rocky on a 5 setting, nice solid tamp, pre-infusion of about 10-15 seconds and extraction of about 15 seconds.

    (I'll take side-on photo over the next few days)

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    What's the difference between the Romantica and the Europicolla apart from aesthetics?


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      Size and weight is all I'm pretty sure! Certainly does make the room a whole lot more classy.


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        Boiler is twice as big. As per professional iirc.

        congrats on a lovely machine!


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          WEll done cnnrs, nice looking machine, they certainly produce great shots.


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            Congratulations again on your purchase.

            Once you "understand" how the Pavoni works you will be amazed at the quality of shots it produces.

            We have specific Motta tampers designed to fit the Pavoi baskets.

            Drop us a line if you need one


            Casa Espresso
            (03) 9530 8992


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              Two weeks in and I'm still loving it.

              Pulling consistently drinkable (some really good) shots. I've ordered a single hole steam tip, it's painful keeping the milk under control with this 3 hole tip.

              My partner bought me a coffee bean subscription though no-bs coffee. Adjusting the grind can be a bit of a handful depending on the beans. Nevertheless, still having fun!


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                I'm trying to decide on an espresso machine, moving up from a stovetop percolator, I've got a hand conical grinder (ROK) which is going a great job, combined with the stovetop roasting, I'm leaning towards something like this. The machine really is beautiful too! Otherwise it's a Rancilio Silvia or Breville dual boiler, however as I'm having so much fun learning about beans and extraction, I have a feeling I'll appreciate a lever machine more than an auto.

                another week in and how are you feeling about the machine, is it difficult to dial in?


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                  Not difficult at all to dial in. Takes a bit of time, I'd say going from a semi-auto to a completely manual machine is what took the time.

                  Every shot I've pulled for the last 2 weeks has been more than drinkable. I'm starting to find it hard to justify going out for a weekend coffee knowing I can pull a better coffee than a majority of the shops in Adelaide.


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                    Oh dear, that is a work of art. My wife has promised me a Romantica La Pavoni for my birthday. Am I tickled? You betcha!