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  • Gauges For Miss Silvia

    I'd like to install a pump pressure gauge and boiler gauge on my Silvia (or dual scale single gauge) just to monitor the health of the machine (and because it looks good too). The unit is a V2 which is about 10 years old and has done about 800,000 km (metaphorically speaking of course) and whilst it's been great over that time I've had the usual boiler leaks, seal and OPV replacements which are common for the age and usage of the machine. I've got a portafilter pressure gauge but would just like to monitor the the general health of the machine with the gauges.

    I've got a good idea how to connect the pump gauge (0-16 bar) but not as sure how to connect the boiler gauge (0-2.5 bar). Can anyone please shed some light on this?

    Much appreciated

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    Dual gauges on a Silvia or any other Dual Purpose Single Boiler is not practical since one of the gauges will be redundant.

    The Boiler is part of the Brew Circuit so a gauge placed anywhere in this circuit will read Brew Pressure when pulling a shot. I guess if you wanted to know the Boiler Pressure when using Steam Mode, the best place to locate a single gauge would be from a tee mounted directly off the boiler, and then you would be able to monitor both. Can't see the point in wanting to know boiler pressure when steaming though...