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Hacks to increase steam pressure

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  • Hacks to increase steam pressure

    Hi Guys,

    I have just bought a used Breville BES870XL which I'm pretty happy with really, the only qualm I have with it is the steam pressure, being that it lacks a little. It seems like the block just doesn't quite get hot enough to push enough steam. I figure the block must be controlled by the main board which is 'listening' to a sensor in the block so, can this sensor be tweaked? Either by adding a resistor in series or replacing it altogether? Or does anyone know what kind of sensor it is? thermocouple or thermistor etc...

    I think it would be cool one day to remove the circuitry and design my own based around an AVR chipset, since the hardware there seems to be decent quality. Would be a neat project, to remove automation where it's not needed (and might be frustrating) and add features where it is. But I don't quite want to rip the gizzards out of it yet so tweaking the sensor for now would be a step in the right direction!

    Thanks in advance!