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Em6910 not pumping brew water

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  • Em6910 not pumping brew water

    Hi all. Tried to resurrect my machine after a lot of sitting. Removed calc filter and steam works but no brew. Pulled apart. Made sure brew vibe was allowing compressed air through when pushed simulating the vibe open. Made sure brew head was clean and pipe transferred water and Caffetto nicely through to brew head valve. Made sure 3 way valve working. Put back together. Pump noisy and then quietens considerably when primed up. Can't see water flowing so I guess it means main pump is dead. Don't know if it's worth replacing vibe pump. It's a pain because it would require drilling out 2 rivets to remove and the rear hole can't be accessed with rivet gun so whole guts would have to come out.

    Any other ideas?


    PS. I enjoy working under the hood of my 2 group because of all the copper brass and ROOM.... same can't be said for the Sunbeam appliance...

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    Could try fitting a piece of hose to the negative side going into a container of water, and a piece to the positive hose and back into the container. Completely isolates the pump and rules out anything else blocked. Run the pump while pinching the output hose a little and see if it can push water past it.