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Coffee machine for a once a day coffee

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  • Coffee machine for a once a day coffee

    I love a good coffee but I probably only drink one (maybe a second at work) a day.

    I currently have a second hand Sunbeam 6910 and a Breville Smart Grinder. The Sunbeam is starting to have issues (could be user related but it used to be fine) it was second hand when I bought it and I have had it serviced.

    I don't want to pay a fortune for a once a day coffee. If it was simple to use (or husband could be bothered) he might drink one or two it might get used more.

    I am happy to pay up to the $500 mark and even second hand would be ok. I already have the grinder.

    I had looked at something automated simply for ease of use but the general consensus seems to be the coffee is awful. I do like frothing the milk myself too.

    What is worthwhile around this price point? I do have a stove top coffee maker am I better off giving away the machine and just using the grinder and that? Do they even work on an induction cook top? Plus I do have a flat white/latte in the morning


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    I've just upgraded to a HX machine but I had over 10 years of happy coffee making with a single boiler Rancilio Silvia. They are around $700 new but can be had second hand. They last forever. I made a morning flat white just like you want to. I even got to the point of creating the occasional latte art (the art bit was always under debate). If you are in Sydney then visit Jetblack in Frenchs Forest who have machines available to demo and also have some "pre loved" machines.


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      Thank you. I am in Melbourne but I think there is a place in Brighton that may demo that machine.


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        I think a couple of the site sponsors are Melbourne based.