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EM7000 Steam Regulator O rings

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  • EM7000 Steam Regulator O rings

    Hello to all, New time poster to CS.

    Thank you for this forum and the wonderful information.

    I have just purchase a new EM0700 grinder and a second hand EM7000 Machine.
    Its all just about dialled in and producing good coffee thanks to the great depths of advice
    on this site.

    The only problem I have with the EM7000 is with the steam regulator knob, it’s a bit stiff and grattey when you first use it from cold, when its warm it feels smoother. I have searched this site and found that the regulator tap can be dismantled with an 11mm spanner and two O rings replaced.
    Would anyone know the exact size and specs of these O rings, I know they are high temperature
    silicone O rings. I don’t want to dismantle the regulator only to find the old O rings are not able to be measured because I have damaged them by removing them.

    Would anyone know a good place to order them along with some high temp lube.

    Thanks you in advanced.

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    Sunbeam doesn't appear to stock them as a part, smallest you can go is the whole regulator, part no# EM70019, Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso Coffee Machine EM7000 STEAM REGULATOR - EM70019

    I'd say pull it open and have a look, measure them up and find something online. Worst you can do is ruin it and be $30 down and a few days without coffee while a new regulator is in the mail from Ellis!

    Good luck


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      The silicone o-rings as used to seal the nylon tubes in the machine will also fit the steam tap.

      I use Inox MX3 as the lubricant, it's hard wearing, food safe and resists high temperature.

      If you can't find the o-rings, send me a message and i can send you some.


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        Thank you for the replies.

        @JoshNZ That's exactly the conclusion I had come to, thank you for your thoughts.

        @noidle22 I live in small town, this makes it difficult to source finicky parts,
        I would like to take you up on your gracious offer and I will send you a PM,
        I will also order some Inox. Thank you again for your offer.



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          I would Like to say a big thank you to noidle22 for sending me the replacement O rings.

          I installed them last night without any problems, the old ones looked like black rubber
          whereas the new ones were red neoprene. I only had Inox (Lanox) MX4 but after checking the specs
          it was rated ok for neoprene.

          The steam valve is now silky smooth and the steam snaps off when I shut the valve.
          Also now after two weeks of having the machine the smell of fluoridated water has finally gone from the steam flow.
          My second hand machine came from Melbourne.
          Its funny how when you live with something you don't notice it. Living on tank water I cant even get
          a glass of town water near my nose without smelling chlorine and fluoride.

          Once again a big thank you to noidle22 and this Forum.



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            did you measure new ones?

            looks like 4mm ID, 2mm thick.