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    Hi All

    If this is the incorrect area please accept my apology in advance.

    Just got a Gaggia Classic, happy so far, it is day one though.

    One thing I'm a little confused about is the steam wand / pannarello.

    Appears to not have enough clearance to allow for a vessel underneath for frothing, anyone else have this concern or has it been raised before.

    Looks like my wand is on all the way, I can't push it on any further anyway

    Think I'm going to prop the machine up for now.

    Thanks all

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    How big a jug are you trying to get under there? Consider the Silvia wand mod if you want decent microfoam


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      Haven't got round to it myself, but the wand upgrade would be a good idea. I do think it can be an issue, though.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the panarello just gets dumped in there all the way. Ie no stretching then rolling, just jab it in there! So that negates the need for clearance (if my thinking is right.)


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        Spot on shortblackman. The panarello is long so you do exactly that. Wedge the jug under it and let it do the rest..... fluffy foam....

        Definitely look to replace the wand with a rancilio Silvia one if you can. Makes a world of difference.


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          This thread is definitely in the wrong area unless they are now selling Gaggia Classic below $500. If that is so, you got a good bargain and worth every dollar spent. When using large frothing jugs, best to position the unit at the right side end of the counter if possible.