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Sunbeam EM6910 does not heat up

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  • Sunbeam EM6910 does not heat up

    I replaced a bypass (there is another thread), now I got a new problem - I turn the machine on but green LED just keep blinking. Since the machine is open now, I did some research - the coffee thermoblock is getting hot (I do not have thermal probe here, will try tomorrow again but it feels really hot), both thermal sensor and fuse are sitting tight and have contact, the sensor has 100kOhm when cold and 8kOhm when hot, the fuse is less than 1Ohm so it should be ok but the controller's relay just keeps clicking and the green LED keeps blinking.

    I tried the cleaning mode - it works fine - the pump turns on, really hot water comes out of the coffee pump, all good. If I disconnect the coffee thermoblock thermal sensor, the cleaning mode does not start => the sensor is rather ok and the machine can read it.

    What does the machine want now?
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    It wants a thermal fuse on the steam thermal block. I thought it should make coffee if the steam circuit is not up but apparently the machine wants both blocks to be hot.