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Over choked Silvia

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  • Over choked Silvia

    Have I done a pump or just tripped the 3 way.

    Broke my scales and think I had the 21g+ triple in.

    Choked a shot thought it was going to pull through and the it went bang(/pop)

    Now the group head switch sounds the same as the fill boiler both go nowhere unless I open the steam tap.

    What happens

    Feel free to flame for stupidity

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    Have you made any progress 6 days later? Everyone chokes up a shot once in a while, can't flame you for stupidity, the machine should be able to handle it.

    The pump is obviously still producing pressure so it can't be that. If it stopped with a bang I would be looking for a split pipe or leaking seal/component inside the machine, something along those lines. There is a path from the pump to the brew head, follow it - disconnecting hoses and run pump if needed, and find out which component it is not making its way past!

    Good luck let us know