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GRINDER adjustment/replacement Saeco Magic Comfort Plus

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  • GRINDER adjustment/replacement Saeco Magic Comfort Plus

    I have bought a second hand Saeco Magic Comfort Plus, but the grinder doesnt grind very well. IT is OKish, but coffee much better when using the pre-grind option . I am in Devonport Tasmania, and service agents who will not tell me any cost indications are 100+kms away. Thought I'd ask the forum if I should just buy new burs (and where?) and replace them myself? Machine has done 1800 cups and I have adjusted the grinder fully clockwise to be as fine as possible... Hope someone can help me find parts/knowledge

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    To be honest mate, I think you'll find that the grinder on those machines is not much chop straight out of the box. You might be better off investing in a decent grinder that you can continue to use once the Saeco kicks the proverbial.