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Sunbeam EM6910 water into drip tray whilst steaming.

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  • Sunbeam EM6910 water into drip tray whilst steaming.

    I've had my EM6910 for several years, it had it's steam pump replaced about 6 months ago, and I've now just noticed that when I steam water drips into the drip tray (via the normal return at the back of the drip tray).

    I've never noticed this before, and it may be normal operation that I've just never noticed.

    Is it normal for steaming on the EM6910 for water to come into the drip tray via the tray return and I've just never noticed it?

    (My steam settings are +10degrees, -0.2sec )


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    So I pulled my EM6910 apart just to see if there was anything amiss inside.

    No water leaks. Looks like the water being discharged is just coming from after the steam pump. The water normally goes straight up into the copper line feeding the steam thermo-block - but there's also an over-flow (?) line that appears to take the excess if all the water can't be pumped into the thermo-block.

    Again, not sure if it's normal operation to have water always discharging into drip tray during steaming - I'd just never noticed it before. (Hopefully it's not a sign the thermo-block is starting to block - though I've not noticed any steam pressure drop)

    But it was interesting to find some 'left-overs' in the machine from it's recent repair. Old, cut cable tie pieces, and the end of an ear-bud sticking out from the corner of the circuit-board box !


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      I got to check another EM6910 today.

      It had no water discharging whilst steaming, so maybe my unit is starting to block up in the thermo block.
      Looks like I should give it a bit of a clean out before it completely blocks.


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        I have two that are both doing this (home and office). It's a bit odd, but my steam pressure seems ok despite dripping during its use. The group head is low on pressure but isn't dripping into the tray.


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          I ran a cycle of vinegar descale through the steamer. Didn't make any difference.

          I wonder if the new pump has a slightly different setting on the pressure relief valve that appears to on top of the pump and where the water is coming from.

          Anyone else 'adjusted' the steam pressure relief valve? Obviously don't want it too tight 'cos I'm assuming then there won't be any relief !



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            Finally got around to adjusting the pressure relief valve sitting on top of the steam water pump.

            What a difference !

            No more water dripping into the drop try whilst steaming and so much more steam pressure.

            I was conscious not to tighten it too much and could see some water coming into the drip tray when the steam knob was turned off, so the relief valve is still working. It's just a lot tighter than previously so water wasn't coming out it during steaming.