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Silvia overheating

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  • Silvia overheating

    I'm wondering if anyone can help please. My Silvia is out of control! Every time I turn it on it doesn't stop at the desired temp. It just keeps going up to 150+ degrees. Does anyone know why this is happening? She is about 8 years old.

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    Silvia overheating

    Sorry to hear your Silvia is not working properly for you. Not good. :-(

    Thermostat not working properly.
    PID controller / SSR not working properly (?)

    Visit a site sponsor* to get it checked out and hopefully you'll be back in the coffee soon. :-)

    * Edit: just a warning, it seems apparent from these forums when coffee people go in to coffee machine stores they tend to end up giving in to their upgraditis so forewarned is forearmed [emoji106][emoji3]
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      Yes I was hoping I've just bumped something on the PID but can't see that any things wrong there.