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Breville bep920bss vs Lelit PL60 V2

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  • Breville bep920bss vs Lelit PL60 V2

    Hi fellow Coffee Snobs,

    I am looking at upgrading my Coffee Machine from a 10+ year old Breville Cafe Series (the Sub $400 one) to a dual boiler model with a spending limit of $1500.

    I also have a two year old Breville BarAroma coffee grinder.

    I love my coffee but am more of a jack than a master. I tend to have more lattes than shots but still enjoy the odd shot.

    From what I have read, my preference would be for a dual boiler model.

    I found the Lelit PL60 V2 Dual Boiler for smack on $1500.

    Then I also saw the Breville bep920bss with the Smart Grinder Pro sitting between 1400 and 1500. The Blank and Red models look great....

    Anyway, what does everyone think?


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    You don't need a dual boiler, a heat exchanger machine will also give you ample steam on demand, might open up the field of options for you.

    The Lelit should out last the breville a few times over, reading all the posts here they do have issues and are generally not user serviceable, compared to the traditional machines.

    Also at resale time the traditionals will be streets ahead.

    The Breville is capable of a ripper brew with right ingredients and techniques and is obviously cheaper too.



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      Well I have the Breville 920 and in its defence, I have nothing but absolute high praise for this wonderful machine. It is an incredible looking unit that produces amazing volumetric shots and equally as good micro foamed milk. If you treat it with great care, backflush after every coffee session and clean when it says it wants to be cleaned, I expect it will reward you with great service hopefully for many many years. I agree that resale will be lower and it IS an appliance that may have servicing issues. But it's one hell of a machine.


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        Agree with Kettles. I've had really good and consistent results with the Breville 920 and I am hardly a master. Like Kettles, I backflush after every session. Although at end of the day it's the coffee that matters to me, there are a lot of smart little features that I've come to appreciate and take for granted: the rubber disc for flushing instead of the needing a different basket, top fill for adding water, easy to rotate with the wheel "thingie" on the bottom, access to hot water, etc. that are harder to get at this price point. Not saying you should decide because of those features, but they are a nice bonus. If you have time to wait for a deal, you should be able to get the 920 + smart grinder for under $1,400. I'll be selling mine soon but I'm in Sydney and would prefer local sale.