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Breville BES920 group head seal replacement

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  • Breville BES920 group head seal replacement

    We have had our machine now for 18 months. It has started leaking around the group head when we are making our coffee. The filter basket is also being poped out of the portafilta causing it to get stuck. After a call to breville is appears it may be the group head seal needs to be replaced (not covered by warranty as it's considered a wear and tear item). My options are take to to an authorized repairer (at my own cost, about a 40min drive each way) or I can order the part and replace it myself. Now I am a bit handy around the house, so I don't mind having a go, but has anyone done this before? How difficult will this be?

    thank you

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    It's extremely easy to replace. You should be doing the following anyway, as part of your cleaning routine. Preferably weekly and at least monthly.

    Remove the shower screen using the Allen key that came with the machine. The rubber head gasket should just drop out. If not, prize it out. Doesn't matter if it gets damaged, since you're replacing it.


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      I have just replaced the group seal on my 5 year old Bes900 for the first time. It wasn’t leaking but the group handle was spinning out if I didn’t hang onto it.

      The old seal looked like the new one except for the coffee colour. The new seal has stopped the spinning out.

      To keep the seal in shape I always remove the group handle from my machine whenever it is turned off.
      I backwash after each coffee session and I backwash with a cleaning chemical about once a week..