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  • Help me choose my first machine

    Hi everyone!

    I have recently moved to the gold coast and NEED NEED NEED a coffee machine ASAP.
    I have been in hospo for around 10 years, the last two working as a barista, but have never needed a coffee machine at home as I always had great coffee at work.
    I am finishing my degree this year so may not return to the biz thus I need a coffee machine.... I've been totally spoilt and cannot afford a $7000 machine so I'm trying to find something to make my daily cuppa.

    I drink lattes with 3-4 shots and my wife drinks the same, we drink about 3 cups each per morning.

    My budget is $600 max (700 with grinder and jugs ect) but I'd like to spend as little as possible as I'm a broke student so I'm looking at 2nd hand machines, and obviously I'll have to settle for a single boiler.

    As I've never had to choose a machine I'm a bit unsure about the tech specs and what they could or couldn't do for me.

    I had a look at those Breville barista espresso things for around 650 but they have the grinder sitting directly above it....drying the beans ad they are pretty expensive for a single boiler.

    here is what I'm looking at right now:

    2nd hand Philips Saeco Via Venezia Barista + REVILE COFFEE GRINDER / TAMP / MILK JUG (200ish bucks on eBay)

    2nd hand Gaga Classic Stainless Steel Coffee Machine (200ish bucks on eBay)

    NEW Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Espresso NEW (520 on eBay)

    maybe I could spring for a NS oscar..... with that HX..... maybe if i found a 2nd hand one but all I see is new and that already breaks the bank without any kit.

    what I'm asking is:

    - is there any chance I'd do ok with the first two?

    -any one have experience with these machines or recommendations for others or places to buy?

    -any features I will absolutely not survive without for my use?


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    Originally posted by mistabarista View Post

    I drink lattes with 3-4 shots and my wife drinks the same, we drink about 3 cups each per morning.
    Woah, I thought I was on the higher end with 3 double shorts per day!

    Originally posted by mistabarista View Post

    -any features I will absolutely not survive without for my use?
    Some better sleeping equipment given the amount of brew it seemingly takes to get you guys going in the morning!

    I would personally go with the Gaggia Classic (just acquired one myself and love it), otherwise look for something like a Lelit PL042. I don't know much about the Saeco Via Venezia but from what I have read you will have more joy from the likes of the GC or a Lelit.


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      For that budget you could get a used silvia or lelit (or even combi). Keep your eyes peeled in the sale section here, great machines pop up regularly (including bargain HX machines). Something like the silvia or lelit (or Nemox, quaha etc) are simple and have good resale for when the upgraditis bug bites.

      Just had a look in sale section, not in Brisbane but worth considering:



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        hey thanks for the replies gang,

        yeah I'm actually thinking about the Lelit PL41LEM I've seen it for 700 refurbished or 820 new, i think im better off sufffering the spend and getting one that will last.

        might stretch it... mmmm


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          I started with a Via Venezia. Was OK until I did a short barista course, expectations went up, and it became more of a frustration than it was worth.
          Quickly moved on to Lelit equivalent. 7 years later still going (but I am ready for an upgrade).


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            whats the life span on those Lelit?

            anyone know?


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              20 years or more. Its more than an appliance.
              If you're making milk drinks stretch to a dual boiler or hx, you'll get sick of switching from espresso temp to boiler temp pretty quickly on a single boiler


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                We've just unpacked 2 pallets of refurbished machines and they're not all on the website yet. Combi's, single boilers, with and without PID etc. Ranging from ex demo light use to refurbished used machines. Drop us a line for details or keep an eye on the second hand listing for updates:

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