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  • Lelit combi in Melbourne

    Hi, I've had a bosch verobar automatic coffee machine for a while now and after trying some fantastic coffee at some cafes I've decided a manual is the way to go. I'm looking at getting a Lelit combi (we drink milk coffees) but was wondering where I can view one in Melbourne?

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    Thanks Paul, I will ring tomorrow.


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      Hi, ******_Coffee,

      I am a newbie to this whole home barista coffee machines but am really wanting to get started on the journey. And I have been to your website and been a great read as a starting point.
      I have been doing some comparisons/researches into the best machine to get... and at the moment, I have my eyes on the Lelit Combi PL042TEMD. Do you stock that in your store?
      And is the showroom appointments only? I am in the area by the way. Would be good to hear from you! Cheers