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EM6910 stram microswitch broken

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  • EM6910 stram microswitch broken

    I have a Sunbeam EM6910. The steam microswitch is broken and I am looking for a hand to make removing and replacing it a bit easier. I have found the link to Jacar for a replacement switch but I can't seem to find a guide as to how to get to the switch with minimal effort, preferably with pictures. The only links that I can find to service manuals are dead. Other posts that seem to have links also don't work for me. I really have tried the search function to my best and have read a hundred posts without finding the answer.
    The switch is in pieces and the steam works if I bridge the contacts.
    Thanks in advance.

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    RS Components part number 699-0637 should be a suitable replacement. Cut the wires as close to the broken switch as you can and solder them onto the new switch.

    There is no easy way to replace the switch. I have done it without removing the top cover but it was a struggle and I wouldn't recommend it.
    You will need to remove the top cover.

    *Disclaimer* This work is undertaken at your own risk. If you don't feel confident doing this, take the machine to an authorised Sunbeam repair agent.

    To do this you will need: No. 1 and 2 philips drivers, T20 (or perhaps T25) torx driver, small and large flat head screwdriver.

    1. Unplug machine from the powerpoint.
    2. Remove rear door with large flat head screwdriver (large screw at base hinge of door)
    3. Remove rear plastic cover (not necessary but it makes accessing the torx screw easier)
    4. Remove torx screw on either side of the rear of the lid.
    5. Remove four no. 2 philips screws at each corner around the group head area.
    6. Pull off steam and hot water knobs. They may take some force.
    7. Remove two screws holding the steam and hot water knob surrounds in place. Pull off surrounds.
    8. Remove the no. 1 philips screws holding the steam and hot water actuators in place. Pull off actuators.
    9. Apply gentle pressure to each rear corner of the lid to free it. Slight levering the sides of the lid with the flat head screw driver can make it easier.
    Be careful not to catch on the hot water switch as you remove it.
    10. Fold lid forwards and disconnect wires from the button PCB.

    You will have access to the broken switch now. Pry the remnants out of the plastic holder with the small flat head screw driver.
    Install new switch and refit the actuator briefly to make sure it's working.

    Reassemble and test, you should be good to go.


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      Thanks for that, I didn't think of RS and their free postage. I removed the top of the machine and the switch and ordered an original. $18 for the switch, $7 postage.