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Gaggia Classic - cross threaded brass nut

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  • Gaggia Classic - cross threaded brass nut

    Okay, I'm now paying the price for rushing the last part of maintenance!

    Removed the copper pipe from the steam valve to do something else, when I placed the copper back into the steam valve I have managed to cross thread the brass nut and now have a leak at that connection point.

    I have tried realignment by gently moving the nut back and forth in the hope it will land on the right thread (the first 2 threads are the ones that are messed up) but to no avail.

    Not sure if I can use a tap and die as the nut cannot be removed from the pipe?

    I am thinking I need to find a spare (this would be the whole
    copper pipe with nut included) but am open to ideas?

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    Is it possible to remove the entire section of pipe?
    If so, once removed, you can sweat the "olive" off the end with the buggered 'nut', replace it with a new one and then silver-solder a new olive back in place. Coffee Parts have a huge array of fittings including olives so you should be able to get what you need.

    If you don't own a suitable 'gas' set to enable you to do the silver soldering, Bunnings, Supercheap Autos ét al have economical handyman sets that will do a good job...



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      Thanks Mal, I can definitely remove the section of pipe. I've read a little today about working with copper/brass pipes (never contemplated it before today), what you have said makes sense and seems feasible. I will price up the cost of required equipment against the cost of replacing the part and go from there.


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        Well the economical option was to find the replacement part.

        Though no where near as exciting as the prospect of a trip to Bunnings and some good old workmanship, I at least will be back in microfoam business soon!

        Must say thanks to Greg at Coffee Machine Parts for his help on this, pretty tough component to track down!