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  • Advice Wanted For A Tasmanian

    Hi everyone

    im a long time stalker but first time poster,

    I have convinced my other half that we need to ditch our Nespresso machine and move into a manual machine which we will have a wide choice of coffee to choose from and it will make a better all round coffee.

    I previously had a Breville BS850 (the all in one unit) 5 years ago and love it but when when my fiancé moved in together the coffee needed to be simple thus having the Nespresso.

    I have my eye on the Lelit Combi which I think will suite our needs 4 coffee a day Latte and Espresso. I know a double boiler would be better but I'm looking to start around the $1000 mark at this stage as I don't want to invest to heavily if the other half doesn't enjoy using it.

    Just want some advice on a the best machine around the $1000 mark (I'm happy with second hand as long as it has a good history of servicing) and that the machine is forgiving and simple as it can be without being an auto as I dont want to be stuck making the coffee al the time

    Also the thing I'm finding hard I can't find anywhere in Launceston Tasmania which I can walk in a play with the machines and I'm also concerned about finding the right place to get them serviced locally so I'm totally relying on your advice..... No pressure

    Thanks for any advice you have

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    The for sale section has a silvia v3 delivered for $500.
    E Gene has a Beautiful Mazzer Mini for $550. Not sue about delivery. Check that out.

    get those two and you'll be the envy of Lonny town!


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      Oomph in Hobart carry and service Lelit afaik, so although it's a drive, if you're keen on Lelit it's a chance to see one in the flesh. I'm not sure there is a specialist coffee machine retailer at all in Launny is there? Maybe Ritual do? I dunno.. I drive an hour to see my local Sydney sponsor, so although my trek is only half yours, it's not unheard of to have a decent drive to see a machine for yourself.
      That being said there are some ripper deals on Lelit going around from some sponsors (new and SH) atm, so might be worth supporting a sponsor knowing you have a "local" service option?


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        Thanks readeral and shortblackman !

        I didn't realise that Oomph service the Lelit and after some research It looks like Jetblack provide the machines to them

        I have not been able to find specialist retailer in Launceston unfortunately.

        I have just sent a quote request to the site sponsors to see what deals they available in the Lelit's second hand (I'm not fussed it bring new asking as it's well serviced)

        Well might need to arrange a trip down to Hobart on the weekend [emoji4]

        Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


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          Might want to check Oomph opening hours before your drive down. Their Mornington office is shown as weekdays only on their web page.


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            Thanks again for everyone's advice and thoughts, I have purchased a Lelit Combi with PID which I will have just after Christmas.

            Can't wait to get brewing

            Thanks again!