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Setting Up Grinder on Lelit Combi

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  • Setting Up Grinder on Lelit Combi


    i just bought the Lelit Combi secondhand and could use some help setting the grinder up. I looked for other posts on this and YouTube videos but no luck.

    How should I begin calibrating the grinder? And what's the difference between the knob on the side of the machine and the numbers on the hopper?

    happy to be referred to another post if this has already been covered and I didn't find it.

    thanks so much

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    Great bit of kit, capable of ripper brews. The numbers on the hopper are irrelevant, other than giving you a point of reference to return to if needed or to judge extent if adjustment of grind.

    It's no different to setting up any other grinder.

    Start by keeping the dose and tamp pressure consistent to decrease the variables you are playing with so you don't end up chasing your tail.

    Grind a double dose into the double basket, settle grinds, tamp and pull a shot. See how it pours. If too fast, repeat with finer grind until you get the pour you want. Likewise if chocked, make grind coarser. It really is that easy, no need to over complicate it.

    Once you are in the correct grind setting "zone", it should only change by a marking or few either way as beans age or you have different brand.

    You must also use decent and fresh beans.

    Enjoy the brews!



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      Artman has covered it.
      Aim to only change one thing at a time, the grind. Keep everything else the same.

      Aim for 60ml on 30 seconds from your double. 50ml in 28 would be ok if you like how it tastes. It's a guide.


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        Thanks so much guys. That's just what I needed! Little Lelit is doing a cracking job so far.

        One follow up- does the 60ml include crema? My crema is about 10ml.



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          Originally posted by JoSyd View Post
          One follow up- does the 60ml include crema? My crema is about 10ml.

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