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  • Breville bes900 repair help

    Hi guys

    My 900 has already been in the shop twice in 18months for the 3way solenoid. Now it is down on pressure again. with a blind it will reach 7bar but it takes a while and it looks like a 2 step process when you watch the guage. sort of pauses momentarily around 4-5bar. using an empty double wall basket, as per breville's instructions to test the pressure, it won't rise past 3bar.

    i pulled it apart, gasket is the updated version. i checked to make sure it wasn't just a blockage to the guage, but thats all good. pulled the solenoid out and gave it a good clean and blow but no different.

    while i had it apart, i noticed the steam boiler has been leaking out of 2 of the probes for some time. there is surface rust everywhere, and the electrical terminals on top of the probes were completely rusted. with my fiddling around, i managed to bump a couple and they broke off.

    so, i'm pretty handy with tools and i reckon to fix the boiler i just need to source a couple of O rings (silicon) the right size, and re solder the connections on top and it should be ok.

    the slightly harder job is sourcing a new solenoid/valve.

    so, for those who have trodden this path before (i'm guessing its a well trodden path), where is the best place to source the parts i need?

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    ok, so i bought some new OEM 'O' rings today for the steam boiler probes, and adapted some generic electrical fittings to attach the once corroded wiring. Machine warms up as it should and no more leaks, so that's that area fixed for now.

    The pressure issue requires the purchase of more parts. just a matter of working out which parts, to try to keep the costs to a minimum. I asked the guy in the repair shop when i bought the 'O' rings and he just rudely said, 'you want me to tell you how to fix your own machine??'. i explained that the cost of booking the machine in would probably be more than its worth, and he could see my point, but then just went with the old ,'well, for legal reasons we can't give out advice because that makes us liable if something goes wrong'.

    So, not going to get much help there, so hopefully this forum can fill in the gaps.

    with the machine apart i decided to adjust the OPV up a little bit. with a blind filter it now goes up to about 10-11 bar, but when testing it with a double wall basket, as per breville's troubleshooting guide, it still doesn't get much past 3 bar. I'm guessing its a pump problem?

    can anyone confirm or advise what the issue may be to save me throwing too many parts at it.



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      I am seeing the same behaviour pressure wise ... thus looking for suppliers of parts and/or a reliable service agent in the great Brisbane area.

      I haven't yet pulled the machine down - but my pressure symptoms are exactly the same. In addition to this I am also seeing temperature rising above 93 degrees after pulling one shot and the machine going into a non ready state.

      Any suggestions fellow Breville BES owners ?