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Europiccola boiler repair

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  • Europiccola boiler repair

    Hi there all, I am a newbie on this site and have in the last few days received my second hand La Pavoni Europiccola machine, and alas, it has a problem. After descaling it and then rinsing and filling the boiler, it has a pin hole in the boiler. It isn't visible from the inside as the group head suction pipe is obscuring the view of the boiler at the front, which is where the leak has appeared. Does anyone have any experience in repairing this type of leak? I am thinking it may be possible to silver braze it from the inside, so that I replace the eroded brass/copper(?) - which material is the boiler made from?. Failing any positive experiences from the forum in regards to a repair, does anyone have an Australian source for a replacement boiler? The machine is a 1987-88 model as far as I can tell. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You could try loctite 290 and if that doesn't work proceed to the more difficult and expensive methods. I've used it successfully twice for pinholes


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      Have you noted this exception in the manufacturer's technical bulletin?

      Click image for larger version

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        thanks for the suggestion Cafetechnica, and Dimal, yes I note your point about the temperature limit of the Loctite. I have come across some stuff call Waterweld, which is an epoxy that goes up to above boiling point and is for potable water applications. To be honest I think I will track down a cheap used boiler and replace it while doing the overhaul of all the gaskets and o-rings. Just have to put up with the ROK presso in the meantime.


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          Should never have descaled!

          No doubt you'll love the Pavoni. Great machine.