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EM6910 not pumping water, so I cannot make a coffee

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  • EM6910 not pumping water, so I cannot make a coffee

    My Sunbeam em6910 is about 5 years old and has been working perfectly until Christmas Day. When I hit the shot button, I hear a click but then nothing happens.

    Steamer is working perfectly.

    What is likely to have failed and how do I fix this? I am reasonably handy and confident with a screw driver and around 240v.

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    Hi dcc236 and welcome to the forum.

    Perhaps if you post some more details someone may be able to make some suggestions as to what to look at - ie what are the control panel lights doing, can you hear the brew pump trying, can you hear the relays clicking and is the water thermoblock heating.

    With the symptoms you described it sounds like it could be a brew pump or triac failure but there are quite a few other suspects so look and listen and report back before poking around inside. Also read some of the earlier posts (with pictures) so you can see how to take the covers off if you are not familiar with this as it makes any repair easier if you know where to look.



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      All lights come on as usual on the em6910 when powered on. Steamer works perfectly. When you press the manual, one cup or two cup button, I get a click and nothing else happens. No build up of pressure or water to brew coffee. When i twist the hot water knob, there is a click and again nothing happens.


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        The click you get is possibly the so called 3 way valve solenoid closing but it still sounds like your problem could be a pump or control board fault.
        Does the area around the brew thermoblock heat up? If so, that would rule out the thermoblock heater circuit. Also, I think from memory that the machine will no go into 'ready' mode if either of the heater circuits are not functioning.
        If you feel confident enough to work inside the machine you could try a continuity test on the water pump coil but keep in mind that it contains an inbuilt diode so you can not use the normal Ohms setting on a multi-meter as these don't normally supply sufficient voltage to forward bias the diode. You would need to use the Diode setting and take 2 measurements, reversing the leads in between. For a good coil you should get o/c in one direction and around 1v in the other (diode forward bias around 0.6v + drop due to coil resistance). It would also pay to pull off one of the spade connectors before taking readings.

        You said earlier that you are confident working with 240v but I will still add a warning to make doubly sure the the machine is unplugged before you open it!! There are quite a few exposed mains points inside to poke around in a 'live' machine.


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          Thanks, i will pull it apart and have a play with it this week end.