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Magnifica S water softness filter [noob]

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  • Magnifica S water softness filter [noob]


    I've just bought a DeLonghi Magnifica S. I've decided to go auto; sorry if that offends anyone here ... :/. One question first up; not really machine specific.

    The machine comes with a water softness filter, which can be used or not as desired. We have a reverse osmosis water filter at the kitchen sink, and so not surprisingly the water isn't very hard. The machine also came with a hardness testing strip. I don't know if these strips are all the same (never seen one before), but this one has four green squares, and after dunking one or more squares are supposed to turn red. Well I had just one square change colour to a kind of washed-out plum colour. I'm guessing this means the water is about as soft as it gets.

    Would I be right to assume that I don't need the softness filter? Thanks.

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    G'day mate...

    Quite the contrary, you may need to add some straight tap-water to raise the TDS/TH to a level that optimises the quality of coffee produced and reduces the corrosive effects of pure RO water on the internal metal components of your coffee machine. Pure RO water can actually leach metallic ions from any reactive metal it comes into contact with, such as copper, aluminium, magnesium, etc...

    A Total Hardness of between 20-40ppm is considered to be the sweet spot and perhaps the best idea would be to contact a reputable supplier such as one of our Site Sponsors or Bombora Coffee & Water Supplies. Wouldn't be prepared to recommend anybody else...