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Sunbeam 6910 basket top shape

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  • Sunbeam 6910 basket top shape

    Hi all

    great site to find and learnt heaps so thanks.

    i was trying to find a smaller double basket for my 6910 as find the double a bit strong and though instead of dumping some of the shot I'd try a smaller basket. I bought a Espresso parts HQ double when brought some beans and unfortunately it the same size.
    i haven't used the basket as notice that the top of the sunbeam double basket (surface that seals) is flat with a tiny raised ridge but the EP double is curved and is very hard to lock in to the group head. Strangely the SB single is curved but not as much and it locks in the the group head okay but I smudge Tugger them the SB double

    can anyone confirm the shape of there 6910 double basket for me as interested why the two SB baskets are different shaped on top?

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    "two SB baskets are different shaped on top": Depends on the vintage of the 6910 combined with SBs proclivity to massively change the machine and leave the model number alone. FWIW, it really pisses me off. The early "round top" ones are a bin job (hopeless hole size variation) the other "ridged top" (and two later round top ones a friend has) are about equivalent to the EQ/EP/HQ "precision" baskets - not worth a change to them. The other way you can pick them - the better ones have cross shaped holes.

    The SB originals (ridge or round on top) are 16g "nominal capacity" - CSrs seem to put whatever weight in them (one CSr posted that they put 22g in a single basket!). For reasons best known to the world's coffee manufacturers, single baskets are all around 7g, doubles start at 14g and go in small jumps to 28g "quad baskets". Apart from a Pullman pre-announcement of a 10g, I know of nothing between the 7g and the 14g.

    Facing the same issue, I tamed a VST 7g and now use that for all my usual cuppas. A quick bit of maths - standard baskets run about 15% extraction ratio (flavour quantity) before bitterness strikes with a vengeance. VSTs run around 22 to 24%, so you get a lot more flavour out of the beans IF your grinder can deliver about a 30% finer grind with a decent particle spread (most can't, I use Mahlkonig Vario's). That works out to about a 10g equivalent cup strength.

    Hope this helps



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      Thanks TampIt
      it seems both my SB baskets have the cross crossed holes. I've got a lot more practice needed to get consistent shot so will stick to the SB double.

      any idea when Pullman is releasing the 10g basket?


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        ... I wish I knew. "Coming soon" according to their website. They emailed me about two months ago, so I have hopes it really is soon.

        BTW, the SB single is actually "untampable" due to excessively curved sides (as are quite a few others). You might have a go at a VST 7g and see how you go - smartwater Lime and guava 600ml(?) bottle fits it.


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          Thanks again TampIt I'm happy to still to the SB double and keep the practice going. It the Pullman 10g come out I may give it a go.
          not sure what the smart water bottle is for but if the water makes me smarter I'll take a carton! (Seriously it's water people!!)