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Corrosion issues on top of BES920

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  • Corrosion issues on top of BES920

    Hey all,

    First poster here - thought I'd share a few photos of the corrosion that's grown on top of my machine.

    - Purchased my Breville BES920 two years ago
    - Don't keep any wet cups on top of the machine
    - Do use the top flap to refill reservoir

    I've taken the machine into a Breville repair shop and should hear back within a few days.

    There's also a loud buzzing during extraction that sounds like the trapped air sound.

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    Hi Reverson, my first post on here too but I have the same corrosion issue with my BES920. I owned a BES900 before that and also same thing happened. Fortunately on our machines, the corrosion is only happening on what I can only presume is the Aluminium part of the casing. I know it gets a bit unsightly but If it was happening anywhere else on the machine I'd start to be worried as I'm pretty sure the painted models are just Steel underneath and that would mean actual rust if it was there. You can check this with a small magnet around the machine for yourself for peace of mind (Aluminium = Non-Magnetic, Steel = Magnetic,).
    I've seen this corrosion happen with a few painted Aluminium pieces at work (Sheet Metal Work) around the edges where the paint can easily chip off.
    I guess since yours might soon be out of warranty you could do what I've always wanted to do... take the casings off and have them painted the colour you want ��