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Rancilio Silvia not holding pressure

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  • Rancilio Silvia not holding pressure

    Hi there,

    My Rancilio Silvia is about 3 years old and has only had light duties of a couple of cups a week - only on weekends.

    What I've noticed is that when the machine comes to operating temperature, there is a low level hiss within the unit and head presure seems too low when pulling a shot, but when I turn steam on, this hiss becomes loud and steam ends up bubbling back through the water reservoir. I can only assume there is some sort of over pressure relief valve that's stuck open.

    Who would you recommend look at the machine in Melbourne, what do you think is wrong and what sort of costs am I looking at? Can I fix it myself?


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    Hi mate.
    Definitely sounds like the over pressure value has issues. These can get scale build up which can be fixed with a clean out, but I think the seals in the can also go. Which means a replacement. If you don't have too much issue taking your machine apart, you can try removing and cleaning or buy a replacement OPV for not much (~ $80 i think).