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Would any sponsors / manufacturers going to be at MICE?

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  • Would any sponsors / manufacturers going to be at MICE?

    Hi CoffeeSnob sponsors.....

    I have posted few posts previously in search for my first machine.... but am still pondering through what is the right one to get... (was initially thinking the lower end - single boiler but now..... is it better to get double boiler / HX).... haha
    so I was wondering if some or any of sponsors are going to be displayed at MICE this year... so that I can get better understanding and see wide variety of machines there to compare and observe...
    I am not even sure if there would be any machines on display so it is a far fetched post but asking anyways....

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your message. It is going to be my first time but I have heard that it is a great place to find about coffee making and what not, so am also looking forward to it. I still have to get in touch with you to visit your showroom and talk through some options for me. Its on my to do list but been a crazy start to the new year. Hopefully that would be before MICE but could may well turn out to be just after.... we will wait and see. But from little research I have done, you certainly come very highly recommended and literally in the same area! So I have concluded that I would seek your professional advise and get the right machine in due course from you for sure! Its just matter of when and what!!! Anyways cheers and will chat soon!


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      Highly recommend MICE - you'll get to meet Andy and Paul, and geek out over some seriously nice equipment.

      I went along last year mostly to check out the new ECM double boiler then codenamed the Duo 75 (now Synchronika); the guys at the ECM stand took my email and put me in touch with their local agent ******, and the rest is history! [emoji16]

      I still think about that Controvento though... [emoji848]