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    My office wants a decent machine to make cappuccinos and espresso. We are only 4 people. My brother has had a VBM super at home for 10 years so I am a little biased towards the brand. For the office, either the VBM Domobar junior or a Letit Mara PL62S would suit the limited room for it in the kitchen. The Letit has insulated wands, soft closing valves and a warning if the water tank is getting low. This model has a good sales record. From a safety aspect these features are OK but are not on the VBM and not absolutely essential. The bottom line is the coffee and probably both machines do the job equally well? Reliability is very high on my list.
    Has anyone had good or bad things to say about either.

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    I generally don't say this, (because for offices, it's generally a case of getting a machine that's programmable with the group head NOT exposed) but if it's only an office for 4 people, one of those will do just fine as long as everyone goes through barista training and knows the Do's and Don'ts to minimize risk.

    Have you a grinder already?
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      I doubt many will have bad things to say about either machine! You probably nailed it with both do an equally solid job of making great coffee; spec-wise they're very similar by my reading. Not sure whether the Junior has a copper or SS boiler... but then there are arguments either way anyhow.

      I'd suggest your next step would be getting in touch with a sponsor or two for a chat about your options and to have a play/demo... You don't mention a location, but if in Melbourne * **** sells the Lelit - I'm not sure which Melbourne-based sponsors offer the Vibiemme. If in Sydney, JetBlack have both.