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Em6910 draining water WITHOUT being switched on

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  • Em6910 draining water WITHOUT being switched on

    Hi everyone,

    I've done a lot of searching and haven't quite found a solution to the problem I'm having with a 2nd hand 6910 that has come to me.

    As soon as the machine has mains power, it constantly drains water through the overflow outlet into the drip tray. I've got the machine apart and checked for steam/water needles not being seated properly - not the issue.

    I've inspected the PCB and can't see any clear faults with it. The triac drivers don't appear to be blown, but there is evidence of cockroaches having been in there and faeces is evident on both sides of the PCB. The machine is only a couple of months old. It does turn on and work fine, but I can't get the constant draining to stop.

    I have a 2nd machine, the one I've been using for 8 years. It's problem is that once it heats up and turns on ready to use it makes a dull pumping sound and a small amount of water is discharged into the drip tray. It's not the end of the world but I would like to have one working machine.

    So my question is whether anyone can help with either of these problems, and whether it's worth swapping the PCB from my old machine into the newer one?

    Many thanks!


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    1st machine:

    Most likely a shorted steam pump triac on the PCB, this can be caused by the solenoid just above the PCB splitting and dripping water onto the triac.

    Remove the coil from the solenoid and inspect it for any damage. If it is damaged, you'll need a new solenoid along with a new triac. If it's not damaged, the triac could just have failed or there may be a problem with the steam pump coil as well.

    2nd machine:

    Most likely a shorted steam microswitch. As this only happens once the machine is in ready mode, it's not a triac. Remove the PCB and unplug the microswitch connector and test with a multimeter. Short circuit when the steam knob off means bad microswitch.


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      The triac is showing no signs of being blown though. Could it still be damaged if there's no physical signs?

      And if both PCB boards are the same it sounds like I could swap the one from the 1st machine out for the 2nd one?


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        The triacs never show signs of damage, they short internally without damaging the case of the triac.

        Yes you can swap the boards but make sure to check the solenoid on the 1st machine. You don't want to install the replacement PCB for it to just fail in the same way due to a problem with the solenoid.


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          Will do. With the solenoid, you mean the main pump (red one) solenoid?


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            No, those are the pumps. I have attached a photo of the solenoid.

            Remove the wires, tube and 14mm nut that holds the coil on. Checked the brass body of the solenoid for any cracks or water leaks. It should be fairly evident if it has damage.

            Post a photo up of what you find if you need confirmation.

            Click image for larger version

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              Checked out the solenoid, no issues there. So I'm gonna swap out the PCB, can I do that without having to solder? I have a solder but I'd prefer not to have to resolver those 3 wires attached to the top side of the PCB.