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EM6910 pressure builds up during cleaning and doesn't release into drip tray

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  • EM6910 pressure builds up during cleaning and doesn't release into drip tray

    Well pretty much what the title says. For a while I have noticed some odd post pour dripping from the group head occurring so decided to clean. Ran the cleaning program and it just stops with pressure needle well into the red which then requires a very gentle and careful release of pressure from the group head. I've already tried pumping through some vinegar and leaving it for an hour and running a cleaning solution from the tank with no change.

    Is it possible to open it up and clean out the offending pipe or valve or is there a cleverer solution?

    Thx in advance


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    Hi lionmonkey.

    There are quite a few posts about this problem.

    Sounds like the solenoid valve is either blocked or it's coil is o/c or there is a problem with the control board.

    This may give you a start-

    Opening the machine is not recommended unless you have some expertise in safely working on mains powered appliances.

    If you feel you are up to it there is lots of info and photos on tackling the solenoid ('three way') in the "Midrange" section.

    PS Vinegar is a descaling agent - blockages in this area respond better to back-flushing with a detergent type cleaning powder or tablets as per the instruction manual.
    Also, the thin brass plunger guide tube through the solenoid coil is prone to splitting and dripping water onto the electricals below with seriously damaging results.

    Hope this helps get you started


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      It could also be a blockage in the copper tube the water needs to go through to dump into the drip tray, this was the cause in one machine I cleared.



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        Artman that was pretty much it. I had to remove the tubes from the head and the dump pipe and remove the solenoid. When I did that I found the hole in the solenoid assembly was blocked. Little fiddle with a tooth pick and it was cleared and then reassembly and bunch of back wash cleaning cycles and we're A OK.


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          Glad to hear you fixed it - well done!